Heat Wave Safety Tips

During periods of intense heat, it is harder for your body to cool and maintain its temperature within normal limits. When it’s really hot, your health can deteriorate quickly. Certain precautions must be taken to make yourself more comfortable and reduce health risks.

Be sure you:

• Keep well hydrated:
- Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. If necessary, follow your doctor’s instructions for the amount of liquid to drink.

• Avoid alcoholic beverages as alcohol can exacerbate dehydration

• Refresh yourself often:
- Spend at least 2 hours a day in an air-conditioned or cool environment;
- Take at least one cool shower or bath a day;
- Cool your skin with a wet washcloth several times a day.

• Protect yourself from heat:
- Limit physical effort
- Wear light clothing

• Remember to check on elderly family members, neighbours and friends to make sure they are comfortable and safe – especially those with reduced autonomy or that live alone.

• Never leave infants, children or pets inside a parked vehicle.

• Watch for heat wave warnings and extreme heat alerts, and follow the recommendations of Environment Canada or your region’s public health authority.

If you are not feeling well or have health-related questions, call Info-Santé 8-1-1 or speak to a health professional.

In an emergency, call 9-1-1.

For further assistance, please contact Public Security at 514 369-8250.

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