Property Taxes

2021 Perception Roll

General Information and Mill Rates

Property taxes are the primary source of revenue for the Town of Hampstead, and are used to finance all types of municipal activities, including road maintenance, snow removal, community events, garbage and recycling collection and a plethora of other services offered by the Town. Property tax bills are calculated based on the valuation of the property indicated on the invoice. Prepared and maintained by the Direction de l'évaluation foncière of the City of Montreal, the 2020-2021-2022 valuation role is currently in effect. 

Hampstead’s general property tax rate varies according to property type. The majority of Hampstead’s properties fall within the «residual» category which is defined as buildings having less than six (6) dwelling units. There are two remaining categories apply to buildings with six or more dwelling units and serviced vacant lots.
In 2021, the municipal tax rates (per $100 of valuation) are:

Property Type Mill Rate
For residential properties containing 5 housing units or less $0.9333
For apartment buildings with 6 or more units $0.9333
Vacant lots $1.8666

With a residential rate of $0.9333, the ‘average single-family dwelling' will be assessed a 2021 Hampstead tax bill of $12,858. It must be stressed that this example reflects the impact of the taxation rates on the average single-family dwelling. Tax bill increases/decreases will vary depending upon the change in valuation of each individual property.

Installment Due Dates

For any billing in excess of $300 the amount due is split in two equal installments, with the second instalment coming due 90 days after the due date of the first instalment, which itself is due 30 days after the invoice date. The 2021 annual tax bill was mailed out February 2021. All other adjustment billings and/or property transfer duties get mailed out during the course of the year when the certificates (received from Montreal’s evaluation service) get processed.

The due dates for the annual 2021 tax bill are:

Instalment Due Date
First Instalment May 18, 2021
Second Instalment August 16, 2021

Payment Methods

Property tax invoices are payable:

  • By mail. Attach the appropriate payment stub to your cheques, made payable to the Town of Hampstead.
  • In cash, by cheque or debit card at Hampstead Town Hall (5569 Queen Mary Road). This option is not available until further notice (suspended during the pandemic).
  • Electronically through your bank
    For more information on how you can pay through your bank, please consult the financial institution's website. Use the 18 digits of the matricule number found on the upper right-hand corner of your invoice, without hyphens.

Please take note that credit card payments are not accepted for the payment of property taxes.

Your payment will be credited to your account on the day of its receipt by the Town of Hampstead or on the date shown on the cheque if it is postdated. If you pay by mail, please take the delivery time into consideration. Every payment received after the due date carries interest charges.

Interest on Overdue Payments: If a payment is not made by the due date, only the amount of the missed payment is payable, and not the entire tax bill. As indicated on your property tax invoice, an interest rate of 7% per year will be charged. The interest applicable therefore only applies to the amount of the missed payment.

Two Taxes, One Invoice

The application of Bill 22 in 2009 resulted in a revised tax structure, meaning that you receive ONE PROPERTY TAX BILL, sent from the Town of Hampstead, for local services as well as for agglomeration (island-wide) services. The rates vary according to property type. For any information regarding the Agglomeration charge, residents may phone 311.