Draft by-laws

By-Law No. 1001-9
By-Law Modifying Zoning By-Law No. 1001

By-law number 795-9
By-Law No. 795-9 Modifying By-Law No. 795-2 Concerning Nuisance

By-Law No. 1025
By-Law On The Remuneration Of The Election Staff For Elections And Referendum

Annex a
Annex b

By-law no. 1026

By-Law Decreeing And Imposing The Tax Rates To Cover The Town’s Expenses For The Year 2021


Draft by-law No. 1027

By-law on the general application of the bylaws

Draft By-Law No. 1028
By-Law Decreeing And Imposing Duties On Transfers Of Immoveables


Draft By-Law No. 1010-11
By-Law Modifying The Tariff By-Law No. 1010