Public Works

The mission of Public Works is to provide the Town of Hampstead with quality services year-round in areas such as:

  • Cleanliness in the parks and green spaces;
  • Timely removal of snow, garbage and recyclable materials;
  • Ensure the roads and pathways are clean and in good repair;
  • Resurface and reconstruct public roads;
  • Ensure public safety by frequent water quality testing;
  • Maintain proper lighting of our streets, parks and pathways;
  • Repair, rejuvenate and reconstruct the aging water and sewer infrastructure;
  • Support other departments like Recreation in their delivery of citizen services, etc.

The Town fortunately has a team of Public Works employees who are dedicated and experienced. The PW Team is instrumental and indispensable in ensuring that the Town will be able to eventually achieve its Service Quality Goals in line with the stated Mission.

Yves Mailhot, eng.

Giuseppe Talarico - Chief of Operations
Vugar Mevlan - Foreman

10 Cleve Road, H3X 1A6
514-369-8200 (tel)
514-369-8289 (fax)