Finance Department

The Town's Finance Department covers core activities in the areas of:

  • Finance and budgeting;
  • Payments and cash management;
  • Budget and internal control;
  • Evaluation information and taxation;
  • Client Service and
  • Complaints Management.

The mission of the Finance Department is to provide the means and procedures for all municipal departments to provide quality service optimized with regards to their respective budgets, to ensure that citizen complaints on services are responded to efficiently and effectively and to guide and promote excellent client service throughout the organization.
The Finance Department is under the supervision of the Town Treasurer. The Treasurer and his team are responsible for the ethical and proper running of all the financial operations of the Town. The responsibilities include the establishment of an annual budget, to plan for multi-year capital investments, to safeguard financial data, to provide general and specific information to the community, to receive and manage citizens’ complaints and to promote a culture of quality Customer Service in all facets of municipal operations.

In the area of Client Service, the Treasurer is under the auspices of the Director General. Therefore, the Finance Department assumes the overall responsibility to work in concert with the other Service Directors for Public Works, Community Services and Public Security in ensuring that members of the community are served in a timely, courteous, proficient and effective manner.